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“Beth Stelling has an amazing ability to use really well-constructed jokes conversationally and just make it feel like you’re sitting around chatting with a friend. Granted—a nationally recognized hilarious friend, but still.”

-Serial Optimist

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“But the standout to us had to be comedian Beth Stelling. Her stand-up is so accessible and smart, she has no problem getting the men in her audience to crack up over a tilted uterus joke. A+.”

-Huffington Post on SXSW 2012

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Stelling kept her audience enraptured with an engaging, thoroughly sardonic wit that permeated each and every aspect of her storytelling prowess…

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“In a kind of warm deadpan, Beth Stelling twists stories about her childhood until their oddest, most embarrassing features are on full display.”

-The Chicago Reader
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“Stand-up Beth Stelling will steal the show as the sassy best friend in a Hollywood romcom and become America’s quirkiest character girl.”

-TimeOut Chicago
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“She brings fearless humour, honesty, and quick wit to both her comedy and personal life.”

-Aritzia Magazine

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“Things are happening for Sweet Beth, with every major Chicago media outlet crowning her with awesome titles like, “Best Stand-Up Comedian.” Yeah. This funny girl doesn’t mess around while she pulls your leg.”

-Refinery29Chicago’s Hottest 30 Under 30″

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“In addition to being an incredibly funny writer of cleverly crafted jokes, Beth Stelling has this playfully intoxicating delivery that immediately grabs you. She slathers everything in a thick layer of Midwestern charm, so no one flinches when she talks about tucking her dick into her sock so it doesn’t get caught in her bike chain.”

-LA Weekly
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“sit down with this fancy lady to hear about her epic move to conquer LA and her obsession with hand sanitizer.”


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